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Digital Paradox - Prologue II :iconlorddreik:LordDreik 0 0
Digital Paradox - Prologue I
Endless loneliness and despair... That was the destiny that awaited for those who entered the void; it didn´t matter if they did it of their own volition, or forced. They will join the forgotten data that freely float in the darkness...
In the depths of this strange place, a subtle heartbeat was the only sound that could be heard, resonating with the few bytes data that were around it, as if they were small speakers. Who, or what, was producing that sound?
A sphere, no bigger than a watermelon in size, with geometric lines running across its entire surface, emitted a faint sheen with each beat; although not visible at first sight, this unique item was grayish black, with small light coloured squares arranged irregularly only in the available spaces between the markings.
But, this curious item wasn´t there floating without reason; following the rhythm of its own beats, it seemed to attract a small pale blue stream towards it. When these raw bits touched the surface of the sphe
:iconlorddreik:LordDreik 1 0
Digital Paradox - Painful memories
Even when she was nothing more than an amorphous puddle of data, her creator didn´t show his face to her; he simply gave her orders, and she blindly followed them.
As her size grew, from eating raw data, her shape became that of some kind of lupine creature; however, she kept the curious ability to return to her previous, almost liquid, form.
What was her purpose at that time?
Nothing more than to follow his commands to conquer everything by assimilating it; the terrified people of the cyberspace could do nothing to avoid it, except from returning to the safety of their operator´s terminals. The few of them that decided to try stopping her were simply enveloped in a sphere, of the same type of data that composed her body, before being swallowed in her mouth.
However... To avoid her to become nothing more than a mindless beast, the absorbed data was stored away from her own body; she only perceived the energy, through a special link. It didn´t mind to her, as the la
:iconlorddreik:LordDreik 2 0
A moment of reflection
Multiple bodies were lying before her; motionless, with a vacant stare, the ones that were "conscious", and a few wounds from where a small stream of data flowed upwards. From behind her tattered cape, her scarlet eyes observed the result of her hunger.
She couldn´t understand why she had to feed from other programs.
It was related to her "big brother"?
She closed her eyes, and managed to vaguely remember his figure; the two pair of fins of his helmet, his pointed shoulder pads, the scar on his chest... A shiver run down her back, as she remembered his cold stare before he united with her. But, their close contact lasted only for a few seconds, until the union reversed, making her the dominant part.
However, at that time, she was nothing more than raw instinct, following the commands of a distant voice... until the light of the blue whirlwind sent her remains to the, apparent, limitless space of the digital graveyard, in the process of restoring the same net that she was try
:iconlorddreik:LordDreik 2 0
Mature content
Beast Style Roll - Infection :iconlorddreik:LordDreik 1 0
Cute Manliness by LordDreik Cute Manliness :iconlorddreik:LordDreik 1 0
Icy takeoff
- Cocytus-9, you´re not clear to take off! Abandon the launching pad right now!
The warning echoed throughout the crumbling room; where a single mech was located; it had an overall blue colour scheme, that strangely combined well with its short height, eighteen meters. Its head section was rounded, with its helmet being aqua-colored and a bow-like, or ribbon-like, structure on its back; its faceplate was of a pale tone, almost white.
Its torso section had a blue jacket armor over black plates; inside the lower half was the cockpit, where the mentiond person was sitting.
- As the strongest genius, I must fullfill my duty with those in need! - yelled Cocytus-9 in response.
Connected to the torso´s back the torso´s back were six icicle shaped units; they began to emit a cold glitter, as the unit was still getting prepared. A skirt like structure covered the mech´s waist, protecting to some extent the junction point between the legs and the torso.
- This is the last
:iconlorddreik:LordDreik 0 0
You can look into the mirror all the times that you want; after all we are on your sanctuary, the only place where I´m not chained against our will.
Are you scared of me?
Do you think that I would screw up your life, or that you´ll end up insane?
That hurt me, and you know that is not easy to do it; however, I´ll forgive you, because I know that you desire to bring me out, deep inside your heart.
You were such a good child, a bit shy, but a good person to your friends; some of them replied to your feelings, while others did not, but you always found your way to be happy.
But then, you took a different path, and my confinement began.
*incomprehensible mumble*
What? You think that there wasn´t another option?
That´s not true, and you know it; as time passed, you felt that there was a piece of the puzzle, that is your soul, that didn´t fit.
Before you knew it, you were developing your little fetishes, as you enjoyed watching the harmony of oth
:iconlorddreik:LordDreik 1 0
Mature content
B and B :iconlorddreik:LordDreik 0 1
Mature content
Unleashed :iconlorddreik:LordDreik 1 0
Corrupted, yet alive w/color by LordDreik Corrupted, yet alive w/color :iconlorddreik:LordDreik 4 0 Waterfall - Spirit of Tranquility by LordDreik Waterfall - Spirit of Tranquility :iconlorddreik:LordDreik 1 2 Flare the Hedgehog by LordDreik Flare the Hedgehog :iconlorddreik:LordDreik 2 0
Purr, part 3
I woke up, feeling that my heart was beating quickly. It took me a whole minute to calm down; that dream was beyond the definition of "strange" for me.
I put one hand on my head, trying to forget as quick as possible the things that I had seen. But there was something unexpected by me...
- What the...? - I said, looking at my hand under the moonlight that was coming through the window. It was enveloped by a silvery glove, or something like that; strangely, I didn´t felt that as if was something alien, but as if it was something completely normal..
- It is possible...?
My entire arm was also encased in that silver second skin; near the shoulder, I found two lines, of a blue tone, that formed two "V", one above the other; I could verify the same thing on my other shoulder. I was about to fear that the dream could be real but, suddenly, my legs moved by themselves and I felt that I was stripped of the control over my body; I was placed at the back, from which I could feel the astonis
:iconlorddreik:LordDreik 14 15
Purr, part 2
I found myself walking across a strange landscape; nothing but a cold and silvery surface, with darkness around, that extended beyond my sight. It was like walking over a mirror; in fact, I could see my reflection below me.
- This is strange... I never had a dream like this before... Looks like I played too much videogames lately... - I said, scratching my head a little.
I didn't had much time to think about my situation before a noise came to my ears. I looked in every direction, trying to find from where it came from. Nothing seemed out of order.
- Hello! Is someone here? - I asked, not receiving anything in retun, not even an echo.
Fear was taking over me, the surface was the only thing that was glowing, but its light didn´t get through the darkness.
No response, except feeble sounds coming from... under myself?
I lowered my head and gasped. As a reflection in a mirror, there she was; my own cat was "on the other side" of the strange floor.
She tapped a little the surface, poss
:iconlorddreik:LordDreik 10 2
Purr, part 1
My mother couldn´t stand that situation much more, but the vet didn´t give us any real solution; we had to keep my cat´s belly and wait for her recovery or her death.
I looked up to the moon, but that was useless, because I could only find the satellite´s usual glow. Lowering my head, to sigh again, I saw an abandoned local. It wasn´t strange to find such places between buildings, near my home. What was strange, was that I found that there was light inside; its windows were completely covered in dust, indicating that it had been a few years from the last client.
Moved by curiosity, I peeked a bit inside and saw the remains of a public bar. Even the counter was dusty and timeworn, making me sneeze a little. Behind it, I could see a middle-aged man drinking a lot, while saying gibberish. Apparently, he didn´t hear me.
- Everything was going smoothly, until my grandmother gave me her family treasure. Like it was valuable to someone! That old hag... It is not
:iconlorddreik:LordDreik 13 0


Happy pair by Ary0901
Mature content
Happy pair :iconary0901:Ary0901 26 22
If we where a Ideology: Ary by Ary0901 If we where a Ideology: Ary :iconary0901:Ary0901 15 22 If we where a Ideology: Rei by Ary0901 If we where a Ideology: Rei :iconary0901:Ary0901 13 19 Blonde Pink Dress and Boots by ZaraKane Blonde Pink Dress and Boots :iconzarakane:ZaraKane 195 17 Humanization subnautica/ Reaper Leviathan by Nyampi Humanization subnautica/ Reaper Leviathan :iconnyampi:Nyampi 28 0 Humanization subnautica /Warper by Nyampi Humanization subnautica /Warper :iconnyampi:Nyampi 27 1 Humanization subnautica/ Sea Emperor by Nyampi Humanization subnautica/ Sea Emperor :iconnyampi:Nyampi 46 4 Subnautica The Beluga (submarine) by HyperMedic Subnautica The Beluga (submarine) :iconhypermedic:HyperMedic 14 9 DBZ Rage Part 4- Caulifla Ascending! by JokiMadhouse DBZ Rage Part 4- Caulifla Ascending! :iconjokimadhouse:JokiMadhouse 40 9 CM- Lazan Dyne by Kojiro-Brushard CM- Lazan Dyne :iconkojiro-brushard:Kojiro-Brushard 216 13 Zero (X Series) -{Fusion}- Zero.Exe by V-a-a-N Zero (X Series) -{Fusion}- Zero.Exe :iconv-a-a-n:V-a-a-N 137 12 MegaMan sprite dump by Zenaki MegaMan sprite dump :iconzenaki:Zenaki 201 13 Cf Spoutman/Aquaman.EXE by ick25 Cf Spoutman/Aquaman.EXE :iconick25:ick25 55 11 Cf Toadman by ick25 Cf Toadman :iconick25:ick25 49 3 Female Navi Lotus.EXE by ick25 Female Navi Lotus.EXE :iconick25:ick25 30 2 Zero sprites x1 x2 x3 (Megaman X IOS Style) by DiegoGamer1820 Zero sprites x1 x2 x3 (Megaman X IOS Style) :icondiegogamer1820:DiegoGamer1820 12 2


Because I don´t want to forget what I want to write, I´ll have my Dev-journal as a reminder. I know that it could be more useful to do this on paper, but I visit this site more often xD.

Code Lyoko: Rebellion - Fanfic of CL, using ideas from a spanish RP forum based on the series.

Costume Shop by PgFalcon - With the original author permission, a story involving myself and his characters.

Metroid: Dawn Princesses - A fanfic of that famous saga, with Samus Aran as one of the three protagonists.

Super Robot Wars: Original Generation Classes - A crazy fanfic where pilots and robots, from SRWOG & OGG, interact with each other as mere students.

"Purr": Story based on :icon12-tf: pic of the same name. Parts 1, 2 and 3 completely uploaded. Deciding on a possible part 4.

Chaos Control: codename of my new idea, involving a lifeform made up of Chaos energy and metal parts and a "new" Shadow the Hedgehog. Currently doing a test chapter.


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